If the destination (To Address) of your transaction is a Contract address and you see a Cancelled status on the Transaction Info page this means that the primary transaction was cancelled. 

In a "Cancelled" transaction, your Ether value was not deducted from your sending account. However the Transactions fees (Gas Used x Gas Price) will still be deducted from the sending account (From Address). 

When a transaction is cancelled you might see either one of the following "warnings" 

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas] 

Possible reasons for an [Out of Gas] error warning:

  • Insufficient amount of gas limit provided
  • If you are interacting with a Contract, the minimum amount of gas limit required is > 21,000 (try increasing your gas limit)
  • Contract execution exceeds the minimum gas limit required
  • Contract execution error occurred, but the VM execution continues until all of the gas limit is exhausted.

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Bad instruction] 


Possible reasons for a [Bad instruction]:

  • This indicates a logical error during contract execution.
  • if interacting with a Token Contract, its possible that the:
    • Tokens are not transferable yet
  • if interacting with a TokenSale/ICO Contract, its possible that the:
    • ICO has yet to start
    • ICO has ended
    • ICO has reached its maximum contribution limit

General troubleshooting suggestions:

  • The best and safest advice we can give to you is to check, contact or visit the contract/token/ico creator website or helpdesk for additional information when in doubt.
  • An [out of gas] error does not necessarily mean that it can be resolved by just increasing your gas limit. 

For Transaction failures related to Crypto Exchanges withdrawals and an [Out of Gas] error:

  • Please refer to your exchange, as they could be setting a too low default gas limit when withdrawing to a Contract address