If you have a transaction receipt (TX hash) with more than > 12 confirmations on the Ethereum Blockchain, but your account balance is still showing an incorrect value these are some of the possible reasons:

#Reason 1 -  Your wallet is not fully synced (not updated with the latest blocks). Some of the popular wallets that require downloading all the blocks before they show a correct balance are as below:

How long do I need to wait for the sync to complete? That depends on the network connectivity and your hardware specifications (it syncs much more faster with SSD drives). Alternatively, you can also use a hosted wallet. A hosted wallet is a wallet that will connect to public nodes. These are some of the popular hosted wallets :

#Reason 2 -  You might have chosen the wrong network in your wallet or the transaction receipt is for for different network in the Ethereum space. Currently,  there are 4 different public Ethereum based networks (with different consensus algorithms) that are live and running which are: