I am interested in buying Ether. How can I get some? There are a few ways to get or buy Ether.

Get someone to send you some for free
If you know someone that owns some Ether and is willing to send you some, you are in luck. Download a wallet and give him/her your wallet address.

Buy from exchanges
There are many exchanges that provide the platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and its tokens. The more popular ones are as below:Take note that most exchanges require KYC for opening an account and to increase the trading limit.

OTC (over the counter)
An example of this is LocalBitcoins. Unfortunately this service is not yet available for Ethereum. However anyone can directly trade with each other by paying in cash and doing an on-the-spot transfer. But beware of scammers and thieves if you opt for this option.

Crytocurrencies swap
Shapeshift is an easy way that allows you to convert between cryptocurrencies without the KYC and is safer than the OTC method.